A Plus Kids

A Plus for Kids is a program created to build an opportunity for our youth to obtain knowledge of financial literacy and much more!


Most banks make it easy to add your children as authorized users to your credit card. You can add them without allowing them to use a card. If you keep your usage under 25%, stay active each month, and pay on time, it’ll report to their credit as well. This is a great way to stay disciplined with using your credit now since you’ve added your child(ren.) Here are different companies who allow children as authorized users:

Card Issuer Minimum Age Reports to Credit Bureau
American Express 13 YES
Bank of America None YES
Barclays 13 YES
Capital One None YES
Chase None YES
Citibank None YES
Discover 15 YES
Navy Federal None YES
US Bank 16 YES
Wells Fargo None YES

What Our clients Say?

I have been working with this company on my credit for the past 3 years! 10/10, I’d recommend!

Chelsea Renee'
May 18, 2023

This class is really informative& engaging. My kids learned a lot & I did as well. Great opportunity to learn about financial stability for kids & adults!

Christin Hall
August 20, 2021

Excellent class and staff! This course should be in all middle schools across the US (and online).

Lexia Crawford
August 17, 2021